The Sheikh Saud Housing Program

The Sheikh Saud Housing Program has been developed as one of the most efficient programs to help citizens of Ras Al Khaimahenjoy a stable life. Citizens from all areas and tribes of Ras Al Khaimah are eligible to apply and benefit from the program. These applications must be registered andsubmitted to the Board of Directors,who will then take the appropriate decision. This programaims to support citizens and contribute to their well-being. 

The documents required to apply for housing aid are:

     ✓ Copy of the Family Book
     ✓ Proof from the applicant stating his profession, income and work place
     ✓ Threerecent personal photos of the applicant
     ✓ A certificate from the competent authority in the emirate, stating if the applicant, or any of his dependent family members, owns residential or non-residential real estate
     ✓ Any other documents considered necessary by the Board

     ✓  In case of allocating or owning a house, you must first submit the following:

•    Certified social research from the Ministry of Social Affairs (for recipients of social assistance)
•    An official document from the creditor proving details of any outstanding debts of the applicant
•    A confirmation letter from the applicant stating that he accepts the allocation terms and all obligations imposed by the decision in this regard

     ✓ If the beneficiary wants to obtain financial aid, he is required to submit the following:

•    A Consultant Certificate showing the completion rate of construction (if the financial assistance is allocated for completion of dwelling)

     ✓ In case of loans, the applicant is required to submit the following:

•    A certificate proving ownership of the land by the loan applicant, or proof that he obtained it through the grant
•    A certificate proving that the land is free and clearof any mortgage or third party rights
•    A certificate from the donor of the previous loan to be fulfilled, proving the loan value, the grant date, the remaining value of it until the date of the application submission, and the purpose for which the loan is granted
•    Statement that the loan applicant accepts all obligations imposed by Law No. 10 of 2008 referred to, and that he accepts repayment in accordance with the regulations approved by the Board under this Act

  *     Priority in the allocation of housing or granting financial assistance shall be given in accordance with the program regulations, taking into account the circumstances of each case; priority is assigned to the following categories:
     ✓ Minor orphans
     ✓ The elderly and people with disabilities
     ✓ Beneficiaries of financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs
     ✓ Widows and divorcees who have custody of their children, taking into account the numberof family members
     ✓ Persons whose houses are expropriated for public interest, provided that they were residing in itat the time of expropriation, and have no other housing
     ✓ The applicant’schildren residing with him/her are each entitled to apply for a housing loan if they get married and meet the conditions
     ✓ If the applicant dies before his application is determined and his dependent heirs are eligible to obtain housing aid under the provisions of Law No. 10 of 2008 and the Provisions of this Act, the heirs are entitled to replace the deceased in the benefits of application

Sheikh Saud Housing Programme

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