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Finance Department

About Department

The Finance Department provides financial, accounting and advisory services according to the latest financial systems and global accounting practices. The department works with government sectors through a highly qualified team, to ensure the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, and to achieve customer, partner and community satisfaction.

The department aims to apply the most accomplished accounting standards in the government sector, adopting and continuously developing the financial planning process to implement budgeting in all government departments and entities, and achieving financial control over government-owned properties to ensure optimal use.

It also aims at updating legislation and fiscal policies to create a competitive environment that keeps pace with the changes taking place in the department's work field, as well as enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial and accounting work procedures and systems in government departments.


Pioneering in the preservation of public money and guidance to sustain balanced growth in the government sector.


Optimal management of government resources and the provision of financial, accounting and advisory services to government departments and strategic partners