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Service Enquiry

Split Request for Allotted Plot

This service used to split plot into multi plots according to planning requirements and standards 

Step 1

Sign Up using E-Service Portal Account

Step 2

Submit request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents.

Step 3

Pay request fees

Step 4

Coordinator will review and validate the entered Data and attached Documents

Step 5

Upon Final Approval, requested Document will be generated and sent to customer email, where he/she can download the electronic copy, if it rejected will sent an SMS or Email to Customer.

Service Fees

  • Request Initial Fees is 300 AED for all land use except Agricultural uses, as Agricultural Fees are dynamic and calculated based on the Parcel total Area.
  • Request Final Fees to receive the affection plan is 50 AED.

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

1. Registration
Individuals Registration is as the following:   
- Create Account on E-Service Portal using Smart Pass/UAE Pass. 
- Scan your EID and your fingerprint in MBME machine (Must have a valid EID during registration).  
Company Registration is as the following:   
- Apply on Update Business Partner Information Service. 
- Attach Trade License Copy, Title Deed and Company Information Form.  
Representative Registration on behalf of Individual/Company is as the following: 
- Apply on Update Business Partner Information Service. 
- Attach ID, Representative Card and Authorization Letter. 
2. Submit the required documents to start the service 
3. Pay the request fees in order to proceed with the request

Processing Time

1 to 10 Working Days

Required Documents

1. Owner ID
2. Title dead Document
3. Affection  Plan
4. Applicant Letter

In case of Applicant Type is Representative, Additional Documents are required as below:
•    ID
•    Representative Card
•    Authorization Letter