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Service Enquiry

Plot Replacement Request

This service is used to make application to replace a granted parcel of land with another.

Step 1

Sign in using portal account

Step 2

Submit Grant request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

Pay application fees

Step 4

The concerned department will review the application and engage with the applicant directly. For this reason it is important to ensure applicant contact details are up to date.

Step 5

Upon approval a replacement grant site plan will be generated.

Step 6

After final Fee payment the replacement site plan for the new parcel of land will be issued.

Service Fees

** grant request   

200 ADE for surveyor fees 
50 ADE Initial fees 
Land settlement fees determined by the administration (if any) depending on the plot 
New Site Plan issuing fees of AED 50.

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Reason  for replacement  request

1.Submit the required documents to start the service  
2.Pay the request fees in order to proceed with the request

Processing Time

One week to month

Required Documents

** Plot Replacement Request
1. A letter from the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program where the current grant is subject to a housing loan. 
2. The results of the Municipal Land Department’s Comprehensive Investigation into real estate ownership of the applicant (ZL24)
3. Applicant’s Emirates ID card 
4. Original Site Plan of granted land.