Service Enquiry

Environmental License

This service enables user to apply for new License from EPDA department. User can pay the required license fees online. License certificate can be downloaded once you get approval from the EPDA Department and pay the fees online.

Step 1

Login as a registered user and select the EPDA new License link from home page.

Step 2

Enter all required data and attach all supporting documents for application process. You will get the mail confirmation after submitting the form.

Step 3

User can login and view the license request status any time by selecting the approved license.

Step 4

User can pay select pay option to pay the fees.

Step 5

From the payment page enter your credit card details and click submit.

Step 6

After the confirmation on the payment system will generate the transaction slip which will include all details about the payment and transaction details.

Required Documents

  1. Economic name or Trade name
  2. Emirates ID
  3. RAKIA License
  4. Location Map
  5. Land Ownership Permit / Land map
  6. Permission for Land for New Project
  7. Any other Documents

Terms and Conditions

User can pay the License fees only after the license request get approved from EPDA department.