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How do you evaluate the ease of using the Portal and its e-services? Web Accessibility

As part of RAK eGA's accessibility initiative, we are working towards making our website user-friendly for all, irrespective of their abilities, in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 recommended by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Following are some of the features that make our portal easy-to-use and interactive for people with different abilities:

Text Alternatives

We provide the following alternatives:

Font Size Changes – For easy reading on our portal, we have provided options to increase or decrease the font size by clicking on the 'A+' or 'A-' icons.

Text to Speech - Enables you to listen to the text rather than having to read it.

Alternative Text – The images on our portal are tagged with appropriate description. On mouse over, the appropriate description of the image can be read.


The portal layout has been kept simple without losing information or structure.


If you find it difficult to read certain content, you can see and hear content by separating the foreground from the background by changing the colors in your web browser.

Here is how this function works on two of the browsers:

Internet Explorer: Click on the 'Tools' menu, then click on ‘Internet Options' or press 'O'. Then, click on 'Accessibility'. When the Accessibility options are displayed, check the 'Ignore colors specified on web page' checkbox. Save your changes by clicking on 'OK' button or by pressing 'Enter'. You will be taken back to the 'Internet Options' window. The website will now use the same color scheme as on your computer.

Firefox: Click on the 'Tools' menu or press 'Alt' + 'T' keys on the numeric keypad. Then click on ‘Options' or press 'O' to display the 'Options' window. Click on the 'Fonts and Colors' button or press 'F' to display the 'Fonts and Colors ' window. Then to set Firefox to use your Windows color scheme, click on the 'Use system colors' checkbox or use tab to highlight the box and press spacebar to check it.


Controls for all the scrolling banners and images has been provided for easy navigation that gives you sufficient time to read the content.


You can locate or search for any content on our portal using the ‘Search' option or by accessing easy-to-understand menu or by using the site map.


Our portal is compatible with most of the commonly used browsers and devices